It Works for Men Too

I used to have thinning hair at the front of my head. I would hide it by either shaving my hair off or sprinkling some masking powder to make the thinning spot look thicker. A female friend told me about a product that is known for treating thinning hair and that it might work for me. As a man, I wasn’t sure if the product would actually work for me because it’s formulated for women. Some of the Keranique reviews were written by men who tried the product and claimed that it also worked for them.

Since other men were able to gain success from the product, I decided to try it for myself. I did a little experiment where over the course of a month, I used the product and monitored my progress. I started with a low hair cut so I could see my hair growing in much easier. There’s a fine spot where my hair can be just long enough where the thinning isn’t so noticeable and the hair isn’t completely gone. Once my hair grows past that point, the thinning can easily be seen and it always makes me self conscious whenever I look in the mirror.

I was quite impressed to see that my hair was starting to grow back in the thin spot after I used the product. Now I can let my hair grow out to longer lengths or even keep it shorter and not have to see the thinning spot peeking through. I’ve ordered more of the product to use on a regular basis. One of my brothers is having the same problem with thinning hair, and I think he’ll get a kick out of knowing that there is a solution for him in a product that was originally meant to be used by women.